Paula Abdul
Pictured: Paula Abdul attends the “Impractical Jokers: The Movie” Premiere Screening and Party on February 18, 2020 in New York City Mike Coppola/Getty Images for WarnerMedia


  • Paula Abdul talked about the importance of moving one's body at the Movieguide Awards Friday
  • The choreographer said she never feels like she's working out when she's dancing
  • Abdul said dancing can help with mental health problems

Paula Abdul has revealed her secret to staying fit.

While at the Movieguide Awards Friday, Abdul spoke with Fox News Digital about the importance of moving one's body and how dancing has helped her stay in shape for decades.

"I've been fortunate because dance has always been a part of my life," the 60-year-old former "American Idol" judge said. "I don't ever feel like I'm working out, but also I've been a teacher and a mentor to young, talent ... from the time I was 17. I was choreographing the Jacksons. I was a Laker Girl."

The "Opposites Attract" singer also mentioned her experience working with "compromised schools" that lack the resources to have arts.

In addition to keeping the body fit, Abdul said moving one's body on a regular basis also helps with mental health problems.

"Especially when people are suffering from any mental health problems, I always say, 'Move your body. Listen to your favorite music. Crank it up. Move your body," she said.

She continued, "Dance is the one visual medium that also affects your serotonin levels. It's like when you dance, there's nothing like it. Words and music are everything, and they say it's the language of everything. It's a visual medium that opens the heart, transcends generations and age demographics and every socioeconomic background. Just dance, and it affects you and changes you for the rest of your life."

Although she's a singer, most of Abdul's career highlights involve dancing. In a previous interview, she shared how choreographing Janet Jackson's 1986 music video for "Nasty" was among her favorite jobs.

"I'm very grateful, because this was really the big start to my career," she said, according to Rolling Stone. "When I was introduced to Janet, I was told by A&M Records that 'Control' was going to be an important album for her, and when I started hearing demos, I was really, really excited to work with her. I felt like I had a chance here to really create something big for her. It was so inspiring."

Abdul recently commemorated her hit song "Straight Up" reaching No. 1 on the charts over three decades ago.

"I can't believe it's been 34 years since 'Straight Up' went #1! I want to thank all of you for continuing to sing along and keep it popular to this day. I will always appreciate your support and notable days like this remind me how lucky I am. I love you all so very much!! XoP," she tweeted Monday.

Paula Abdul
Will Paula Abdul judge or mentor the new breed of singers who will compete in “American Idol”? Pictured: Abdul at the 2015 American Music Awards in Los Angeles on Nov. 22, 2015. Reuters/David McNew