I continued to sweat while the sun began to set over the coast of southern Mexico. Although nighttime was near, the sweltering heat refused to leave with the disappearing daylight. I was fine nonetheless. The cool Pacific waves washing my toes were quite refreshing. And the breathtaking beach ahead took my mind off the high temps as I wandered into the Oaxaca evening.

Slowly stepping across Playa Principal, I was captivated by Puerto Angel's bay. Not only did I ogle the pacifying palms that skirted the golden sands, but also the bright white fishing boats, which flaunted striking blue interiors, neatly parked along the beach. I was also speechless due to the silence of the sound. Aside from the faint laughter of children playing in the water, the only thing I could hear were the strong gusts of wind sweeping across my face. At times, it felt like I was the only person on the planet as I explored the tranquil cove.

I kept ambling along the oceanfront and eventually reached the long pier that jutted into the bay 's eastern end. Unimpressed by the weathered dock, I turned around and noticed something that immediately caused me to forget about the ugly concrete at my feet. Just above the tops of the palm trees stood a tiny, Easter-colored church. The chapel gave off a fun and inviting vibe. Its funky appearance and excellent view of the Bahia de Puerto Angel tempted me to peek at its pews. However, I glanced at the rapidly darkening skies and knew I was left with no choice but to postpone my visit. A trek to the holy house would have to be tomorrow's adventure.

Turning away from the church, I focused on the end of the pier. I patiently made my way to its far edge, stopping several times to avoid stray dogs, swooping gulls, kids chasing each other, and to exchange pleasantries with those who were also out for an evening stroll. Finally, I arrived at my destination as a last few fishermen carefully motored around the dock, pushed their crafts onto shore, and carried the day 's catch into town.

It was dusk, and I stared in awe, gawking at the lonely boats resting atop the waves while the sun fell behind the cove's cliffs. The final rays warmly lit the calming waters and the silence was stronger than ever. The beauty and stillness of nightfall left me with an overwhelmingly peaceful feeling. I couldn't remember the last time I had witnessed something so relaxing.

With the sun now gone until dawn, I decided that I should go, too. I began retracing my steps back to the hotel and realized I had no idea what time it was. Curious, I glanced at my wrists and saw nothing - I had left my watch in my room.

But I really didn't care about the time in the end. I was in no hurry. If anything, I wished I could have turned back the clock just a bit to peer off that pier a little longer.