A cat suffered horrific injuries and internal bleeding after it was sexually assaulted. The incident took place in Gold Coast, Australia, on Saturday.

The nine-year-old cat named Donkey was found in the garden bleeding profusely. The feline was rushed to the vet who said it was a “human activity using something to penetrate the cat's bottom.”

In a GoFundMe page set up to cover the surgery expense, Luke Peacock said his parents’ cat was “brutally hurt by a scumbag of a person/s it has had its anus completely torn in 2 and had its scrotum ripped off in the process, the insides of the cat were extremely damaged and had some internal bleeding, the nurse and vet had never seen such horrific damage.”

“They got the cat 8 years ago from the animal welfare, they were struggling to re-home this cat 8 years ago as it needed a lot of time to become a family cat again due to being abused as a kitten. My parents bought it into their life and spent so much time with it, it is now a lovely cat and is great and friendly with all people. Let’s hope this act of violence doesn’t undo 8 years of loving work!” he added.

Peacock said the animal will have to go to the vet every alternate day as the “damage was severe.”

Calling the incident “disturbing,” Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals ( RSPCA ) spokesman Michael Beatty said, “I've never heard of one regarding a cat, it's extremely disturbing.  If it is true, without a shadow of doubt we would be charging them with animal cruelty and police could be looking at charging them with offenses such as extreme animal cruelty and even bestiality.”

In a similar incident in England last month, a kitten was sexually assaulted and burned before it was dumped in an alley. An official said the cat "had a makeshift splint on one of her front legs” and was unable to stand on her back legs.

"It appears she may have been severely abused and she has a number of wounds full of maggots. The vets believe these may have originally been burns as she had candle wax all over her tail. She also shows signs of having been sexually abused – it is absolutely awful,” authorities said.

cat In this image, a cat lounges next to a window at The Cat House on the Kings in Parlier, California, Aug. 25, 2017. Photo: Justin Sullivan/Getty Images