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  • Cissy Blaisure left her morning coffee and rushed next door to set off the fire
  • One of the two dogs had gotten past a gate and attempted to get some cookies
  • The dog behind this Christmas morning kitchen fire is named Twitch

A family dog accidentally set a fire in the kitchen of a Frisco woman on Christmas morning.

Footage inside the home showed the fire on Megan Black's stove. One of her two dogs had gotten past a gate and attempted to get some cookies on the kitchen counter, accidentally turning on the stove.

Before the Frisco Fire Department could respond to the scene, a neighbor bravely tried to extinguish the fire herself, which was all captured on video.

Black was in Celina's opening presents with family when she received an alert that her smoke alarms at home were going off.

"I'm sitting there watching her in action on my camera," she recalled. "I can't do anything.

I am just watching her save my house." The dog behind this unexpected Christmas morning kitchen fire is named Twitch, Fox 4 reported.

Black's sister called 911, while Black immediately called her neighbor, Cissy Blaisure, who ditched her Christmas morning coffee and rushed next door to help.

"Maybe it was female mom instinct. I don't know. I was just trying," Blaisure said.

As shown in Black's home camera system, the fire started because one of the dog gates blocking off the kitchen was left open, prompting the three-year-old silver lab to hop up on the stove and help herself get cookies while accidentally holding down the knob.

"She just pushed so perfectly and turned the stove on," Black said. When Blaisure arrived, she quickly tried to get the dogs outside and then tackled the fire. "I look over, and I see her center gas burner on. Instantly, I just turned it off," she recalled.

Fortunately, Blaisure didn't get burned or have any injuries. Through the thick smoke, she grabbed a bowl and went to the sink. "I just started filling the bowl while she was on the phone with me and put as much water as I could," she said. "And then I just started throwing it."

Black and her family are staying in a rental for now. They are expected to be there for the next four to six months. Most area in her house has smoke damage, and the downstairs has to be gutted. There were no injuries reported.

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