In a horrific incident, a 1-year-old baby in Illinois was mauled to death by her family's dog. The attack took place Thursday when the girl crawled close to the dog's food bowl.

The victim – identified as A'myrikal Jolynn Hull – was bitten on the head by the dog. She was rushed to a hospital but was declared dead by doctors.

The family told local media that the pet was a pocket bully, pitbull and Patterdale terrier mix female dog. Cory Painter, a relative, told ABC-affiliated WICS that the dog had never been violent toward people or other animals.

"The dog has never snapped before" and it was "like her best friend," Painter said, adding that "the dog would eat snacks out of the baby's hand."

The dog has been seized by animal control and is under observation for rabies. The fate of the dog remains unclear.

"A'myrikal was a precious one-year-old full of life and just celebrated her first birthday and was all smiles," a GoFundMe page set up by the family read. "And she was attacked by the family pet of 4 years! We are asking for help to plan her funeral and pay for her cremation and services! Plz share and pray for this family."

Police have not filed any charges against anyone in connection with the incident.

Last year in New Zealand, a dog mauled a 1-day-old baby while the child's mother was in the bathroom. The dog – a large Rottweiler Bear – attacked the child and then dragged him to the garden, media reports said at the time. The canine also tried to bury the child.

The baby, identified as Jaxon Johnson, died at a hospital 24 hours after the attack. The owner of the canine, a 21-year-old man, was charged with owning a dog that causes serious injury/death to any person, an offense against Section 58 of the Dog Control Act 1996. The child's mother told police she was "devastated and crushed."

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