A pet dog was shot dead by the police after it attacked its owners in the city of Perth in Western Australia.

The paramedics were called to a house in Baldivis around 6.30 p.m. Sunday after the dog attacked Stephen Quayle, his wife, Michelle, and their 18-year-old daughter, according to Perth Now.

The three victims reportedly suffered severe wounds during the attack. The dog had initially attacked Stephen. However, the motive of the attack was not known.

“I tried to pull him off, it took all my might. I got him out the office and we slammed the door shut, then my daughter came through and he jumped on her, he got her arm,” said Michelle, Perth Now reported, citing Channel 9. “The dog continued his attempt to attack my husband and was banging on the door.”

Stephen, Michelle and their unidentified daughter had to lock themselves up in rooms as they awaited the arrival of the police.

Stephen told the media his wife was even attacked by the dog as she opened the door to let the officers inside the house.

“I had to come out and take his jaws off my wife and then threw the dog in front of the police officer and said, ‘Just shoot him, shoot him, shoot him' and he did. He was so strong that it took three shots to kill him,” Stephen said.

The police said the dog’s extreme aggression had forced the cops to shoot him three times — twice to stop the attack and once to put him down, 7NEWS reported.

Stephen received multiple severe bite wounds on his neck, chin and one of his arms, while Michelle was bitten several times on one of her legs, Perth Now reported. Their daughter was also bitten several times on one arm.

“It was a bloodbath,” Stephen told the outlet.

The dog named Ace was a 3-year-old blue heeler, who had only recently been adopted by the Quayle family, according to Perth Now.

The rescue dog had a tragic past, according to the owners. The family claimed his recent neutering and the cone he was wearing probably saved their lives during the violent attack, reported 7NEWS.

“The fact the animal had just gone into the home and gone through going to the vet clinic and then coming back could’ve increased the stress,” Royal Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals’ Hannah Dreaver told 7NEWS.

The family was taken to the Rockingham General Hospital for treatment.

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