A hiker in Utah was recovering from injuries after surviving a dog attack Monday morning, police said.

Denielle Schow told Ogden police that she and her leashed German shepherd were walking on the popular Waterfall Canyon trail, near the 29th Street Trailhead when the off-leash white husky came running toward them.

“I was holding my dog back and then they [both dogs] just went at it in front of me, and my leg was just fair game in middle,” Schow told Fox 13.

She said the dog’s owner left it unsupervised when it attacked them. He climbed down the trail a few minutes later but showed no concern.

“I was kind of dumbfounded that he didn’t even stop, he just kept walking and talking and that was it,” Schow added. She said had it been her dog attacking a person, she would offer to help.

When Schow confronted the owner, he provided false information about his identity, she said. Police weren’t able to reach the man on the phone number he provided as of Tuesday afternoon.

Lieutenant Brian Eynon from Ogden police said the owners should leash their dogs. “It’s important for the safety of the dog, it's certainly important for the safety of those folks who are hiking up and down the trail,” said Eynon, who had laid out a “Dog Leash” ordinance addressing the city of Ogden.

The ordinance mandates the owners of both large and small dogs to leash them in public places barring a “completely fenced” area in the Ogden’s Dog Park designated for their free movement.

Schow wanted the other dog’s owner to help with the medical bills. “I had to get six stitches and some x-rays, and then I’ll have to go back in a couple of weeks to have it looked at,” she said.

Both the dogs were not injured in the incident.

Dog attack Pixabay