A pet dog saved its owner from an attacker during a walk in Cincinnati, Ohio, on Wednesday.

Speaking to Fox 19, the unidentified woman was walking her pet dog around 10 p.m. EDT when she was approached by the man. The woman said the unidentified man assaulted her by grabbing her by her belt loop before attempting to pull her toward him. Her pet dog, however, saved her before the attacker could do anything else by biting him in the arm. The injured man fled the scene and the woman and her pet too managed to run to safety. Neither the woman nor her pet was injured in the incident.

After returning home, the woman immediately contacted the police. The officers arrived at the scene and searched the area. However, they weren’t able to find the attacker. According to the victim, the attacker may have visited a hospital or consulted a doctor for a bite wound post the incident as he required medical care.

The victim said though she couldn’t see the man’s face properly, he was wearing a red hoodie and was over six feet tall. Meanwhile, the Cincinnati police were investigating the incident and searching for the man, who remained at large as of Monday.

In a similar incident in Austin, Texas, last month, a woman was attacked by a man while she was walking her pet dogs. Police said the attacker approached the unidentified victim from behind and put her in a "chokehold.” The woman then fought the attacker off “at which time he fled on foot.” Medics reached the scene and treated the victim. In the meantime, police dogs and a helicopter also arrived at the scene to help find the attacker.

An English Bull Terrier pulls on its leash as it is led on the third day of Crufts dog show at the National Exhibition Centre in Birmingham, England, March 7, 2015. Carl Court/Getty Images