Philip Chism
Philip Chism, 14, at his arraignment on Wednesday in Salem District Court in Mass Boston after Danvers High School teacher Colleen Ritzer was murdered. Reuters

Philip Chism, the 14-year-old Danvers High School student, went to the movies after killing teacher Colleen Ritzer, ABC News reported Thursday.

The teen reportedly has admitted killing the Massachusetts math teacher in the school’s second-floor bathroom. Reports say he punched her and stabbed her with a box cutter and then dumped the body in the woods behind the school on Tuesday night.

According to sources, Chism went to see a movie after Ritzer’s death and before his arrest. He reportedly bought a ticket to see Woody Allen's film, "Blue Jasmine," at the Hollywood Hits Cinema.

When the boy never came home on Tuesday night, friends began to worry on Twitter, not knowing what happened to Ritzer. He was found by police on Wednesday morning. Investigators are unsure of his motivation. He pleaded not guilty in court.

People were shocked to hear Chism was involved in the murder. The student had just moved from Tennessee to Danvers and joined the junior varsity soccer team. His uncle Terrance Chism Blaine, who lives in Clarksville, Tenn., told ABC News affiliate WKRN-TV his nephew was "such a good kid."

"[He] might have been upset, you know teenagers go through that. He's 14, growing up still. That's the only thing that I can imagine. That's the only think that I can imagine because I can't imagine anything else. It's like a storybook kid. Perfect family," Blaine said.

Ritzer was described by students and friends as having a bight smile and pleasant demeanor, the Associated Press wrote. The 24-year-old was new to the school, like Chism, and though she wasn’t especailly talkative, she had a self-admitted overenthusiasm for the subject she taught.

"There's no words to describe her. She's such an excellent teacher," Spencer Wade, a freshman at Danvers High School, told ABC News. "She did so well to explain everything to me. She'd have picture of the day, cute puppies or whatever and fun facts and she was just an excellent teacher. I don't know why she had to die."