Philippine authorities have requested an apology from Canadian actor Taylor Kitsch for an erroneous statement, which wrongly implicated airport officials of Philippines, even though the actor hasn't been to the country at all.

We believe that Taylor Kitsch made an erroneous statement which demeaned our country and an apology would be a proper decent response, Philippine presidential spokesman Edwin Lacierda told reporters.

During his appearance in the CBS talkshow hosted by David Letterman, Kitsch said last week that the Philippine Customs officers stopped him at the airport, saying he had to go back to Japan because his passport was full.

According to Kitsch, an unidentified Customs officer also demanded his iPhone, but eventually allowed him entry after he showed the trailer of his upcoming movie John Carter.

Though it was Letterman who referred to the country as Philippines while asking Kitsch about his film shoot, the actor, best known for his portrayal of football star Tim Riggins in the television series Friday Night Lights, didn't dispute his host's statement, and went ahead with putting the blame on Philippine officials.

However, it was later brought to light that Kitsch's movie shoot was in Indonesia's West Nusa Tenggara province, and not Philippines. According to Philippine officials, the star had never applied for entry into the country.