• The shooting incident was reported near Deer Valley in Phoenix
  • Two cops were amongst those wounded
  • Phoenix PD is calling this a "complex" case as the scene remains active

Phoenix Police responded to a shooting incident near 26th Ave and Deer Valley in Phoenix Sunday night, around 8:45 pm. Two people died, and multiple people were injured.

The department confirmed two police officers were amongst those injured and transported to a local hospital for treatment.

"Both officers sustained non-life threatening injuries. Several other people have been injured at the scene. PIO's are en route to the hospital and the scene," the tweet from Phoenix Police read.

The scene is still active and civilians have been advised to avoid the area, reported AZ Central.

"Two citizens died at the scene of the shooting. Three others were injured. The suspect was also fatally shot. This is a very complex scene with dozens of people to interview," read another tweet sent out at 11:18 pm local time.

This is a developing story, more updates to follow.

Phoenix Shooting
Representative Image - Police have identified Arthur Douglas Harmon as the gunman in the Phoenix office shooting. 12 News/EVB Live