PJ tucker
Phoenix Suns forward P.J. Tucker (17) reacts to a technical foul called against him in the first half against the Los Angeles Lakers at US Airways Center, Phoenix, AZ, USA, Dec 23, 2013 Reuters/Jennifer Stewart-USA TODAY Sports

Phoenix Suns forward P.J. Tucker, who pleaded guilty to a “super extreme” driving under the influence charge in May, was sentenced on Monday to three days in jail and 11 days of home detention, an Associated Press, or AP, report said.

"I am truly sorry and I take full responsibility for my actions. No excuses,” Tucker reportedly said, adding: "It is now my responsibility to examine my life and make the changes necessary to ensure this never happens again."

When he was arrested in Scottsdale, Arizona, on May 10, Tucker’s blood alcohol level was at .22, according to police. After a Scottsdale police officer pulled over the Mercedes-Benz car that Tucker was driving, the officer found his speech slurred, his eyes bloodshot and he almost fell during a sobriety test, the police report said.

As part of the sentence, Tucker has agreed to put an interlock device on his car for 18 months, undergo counseling for substance abuse, and pay $2,750 in fines. In addition, Tucker has been placed on probation for up to five years.

After his arrest, Tucker had reportedly written about how blessed and grateful he felt because no one was hurt. And, following his court appearance Monday, his attorneys released details of his sentencing along with Tucker’s statement.

He reportedly said that the process of turning his life around has begun "and will continue with the support of my family, friends and, of course, the amazing Phoenix Suns," adding: "I will not let you down," before concluding his statement.

The Suns knew of Tucker’s arrest when he signed a $16.5 million, three-year contract with the team in July, according to AP.

"In considering this matter, we concluded that P.J. was sincere in his remorse and in his resolve to accept the consequences of his actions," Lon Babby, the Suns' president of basketball operations, said, adding: "We are convinced that he will take the necessary steps to avoid any such conduct in the future. The Suns do not in any way condone his conduct, but we do support him as he works through this."