Earlier this week, Michelle Obama made headlines after photos popped up online of her appearing to be annoyed at President Obama during the Tuesday memorial for Nelson Mandela in South Africa.

Obama captured the moment by taking a selfie with British Prime Minister David Cameron and Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt. As Obama shared a laugh with Schmidt, who sat beside him, his wife, on the other side of him, looked irritated in a photo by Roberto Schmidt. In a second photo, which seems to have been taken after Obama spoke and snapped the selfie with the Danish prime minister, it is clear that the president and Michelle switched seats so he was no longer sitting next to Helle. People on social media immediately speculated that Michelle had forced her husband to switch seats with her to keep them from communicating during the service.

Now, a photo that has emerged on Reddit is sparking comments of paybacks. In the photo, the first lady's hand is on former president Bill Clinton’s knee. It is unclear when the picture was taken, but it has already garnered thousands of comments on the popular social news website.

Michelle Obama
This photo of Michelle Obama and Bill Clinton has gone viral after the "Obama selfie" Tumblr

“The Obamas are cheating on each other,” reads one comment.

“CNN: Breaking News: The Obama Selfie Controversy Takes Another Twist," another Reddit user wrote. One even tried to describe what was taking place, saying, “I actually think I can read the body language here; Bill Clinton just made a slightly inappropriate joke, and Michelle thought it was funny but then put her hand on him with a little squeeze to indicate "settle down, boy," and that just amuses Clinton a little more because he loves playing the role of the naughty boy.

I'm sure at all these boring events they have to go to, these politicos are constantly saying things to try to make the other lose composure. It's likely a fine art to stay attentive and not fall asleep or laugh at the wrong moment.”

This is not the first time the stability of the Obamas’ marriage has been called into question. In a controversial biography, “The Amateur: Barack Obama in The White House,” published in 2012, author Edward Klein claims Michelle planned to divorce Barack in 2000.