Photos of Mariah Yeater and her three-month-old son Tristyn have recently emerged.

The Daily Mail has released exclusive shots of the mother and her child -- who may or may not be Justin Bieber's son -- sharing some happy moments together.

Yeater looks like the perfect mom, with adorable baby Tristyn sitting on her lap and cradled in her arms.

One photograph shows Yeater seated on a blanket in the grass with her infant son in her lap. Another shows Yeater lifting Tristyn out of his stroller by a park bench.

The beautiful baby. who has grown up a bit since the Star magazine spread, has light hair and big blue eyes.

She says the resemblance between the singer and her son is uncanny, and says the evidence is all in the little boy's pout, writes Alanah Eriksen of the Daily Mail.

In the photographs, Yeater looks calm and loving, giving her baby kisses and holding up his arms.

She smiles brightly with Tristyn, like a sweet young mother.

These images provide a stark contrast to those previously released via Facebook and MySpace of Yeater looking messy and rebellious, showing the piercings on her face and the tattoos on her stomach.

Others were just bizarre.

In one she is flipping up the middle finger. In another she has tape wrapped around her face.

Whether or not the photos in the park were staged, or if paparazzi were surrounding her at the time, is unknown.

It can be presumed that paparazzi have been following her for some time since there has been a firestorm of media controversy surrounding the Bieber scandal.

Once the story came out in Star magazine, everyone wanted to know who Mariah Yeater was.

Bieber is scheduled to take a paternity test in two weeks. He is then supposedly going to file a lawsuit against Yeater, once the DNA test reveals he is not the father.

TMZ reported that Bieber and his team are planning to file a lawsuit against Yeater to show her that there are consequences when one person slanders another, especially in such a public manner.

However, Yeater's legal team is not afraid.

Attorneys for the girl, Lance Rogers and Matt Pare, finally commented on the issue to TMZ.

We are encouraged that Justin Bieber will voluntarily take the paternity test. That is the only way to definitively determine who the father is.

The added, The paternity suit was filed in good faith and it will continue despite the threats.

Bieber has denied all allegations against him.

He recently went on the TODAY show and said, I'd just like to say that none of those allegations are true and I know I'm going to be a target, but I'm never going to be a victim.

Bieber certainly has a lot to lose with a scandal like this.

After all, he is known as a clean-cut pop star who is close to his family and dates Disney actress Selena Gomez.

If the paternity test comes back positive, and baby Tristyn is his, everything could change in an instant for this young pop star.