Hurricane Harvey made landfall in Texas Friday night, coming in as a Category 4 storm around 11 p.m. ET. The storm hit near the southeast Texas city of  Corpus Christi with massive rainfall and 130 m.p.h. winds.

After causing damage on coastal Texas, downing trees and damaging buildings, the storm was downgraded to a Category 1 on Saturday, with winds of around 90 m.p.h. according to reports. The storm dropped heavy rainfall, as much as 16 inches within 24 hours, and officials fear as the storm lingers over southeast Texas, continued rain will cause flooding. The storm could hang over Texas skies for at least five days.

GettyImages-839437552 A street light lays in the street after being blown over by Hurricane Harvey on August 26, 2017 in Corpus Christi, Texas. Hurricane Harvey had intensified into a hurricane and hit the Texas coast as damage is being assessed Photo: Joe Raedele/GETTY

President Donald Trump announced Friday night on Twitter that he had signed a disaster proclamation for Texas, opening up federal aid for the state at the request of Texas Gov. Greg Abbott.

“At the request of the Governor of Texas, I have signed the Disaster Proclamation, which unleashes the full force of government help!” wrote the president on Twitter.

Abbott’s request outlined the fear of the effect the storm could have on Texas.

“The storm surge, coupled with the deluge of rain, could easily lead to billions of dollars of property damage and almost certainly loss of life,” Abbott wrote. “It is not hyperbole to say that if the forecast verifies, Texas is about to experience one of the worst natural disasters in the history of the state.”

GettyImages-839482736 A burnt out house that caught fire after Hurricane Harvey hit Corpus Christi, Texas is seen on August 26, 2017. Hurricane Harvey hit the Texas coast with forecasters saying its possible for up to 3 feet of rain and 125 mph winds Photo: Mark Ralston/AFP/GETTY

The Department of Health and Human Services announced Friday it had called up 460 National Disaster Medical System staff in preparation for the storm. That group includes doctors and nurses.

Because the storm is ongoing, officials are still trying to assess the damage. Over 200,000 people are already without electricity and Corpus Christi is telling its residents to boil their water. Town officials in Lockport, just north of Corpus Christi, reported that its historic downtown had seen excessive damage, according to the Associated Press.

Hurricane Harvey is the strongest hurricane to hit the U.S. since 2005 when Hurricane Wilma hit Florida. That year saw two other powerful storms hit the U.S.: Hurricane Rita and Hurricane Katrina.

President George W. Bush’s poor handling of Katrina weighed heavy on the minds of politicians, Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa tweeted at the president to not make the same mistakes as Bush.

“Got your message loud and clear. We have fantastic people on the ground, got there long before #Harvey. So far, so good!” Trump responded on Twitter.

Hurricane Harvey A motorist drives through heavy rain before the approaching Hurricane Harvey hits Corpus Christi, Texas on Aug. 25, 2017. Photo: Getty Images/ MARK RALSTON   Hurricane Harvey Waves pound the shore from approaching Hurricane Harvey in Corpus Christi, Texas, Aug. 25, 2017. Photo: Getty Images/ Joe Raedle GettyImages-839483258 A car lies submerged after Hurricane Harvey hit Corpus Christi, Texas on August 26, 2017. Hurricane Harvey hit the Texas coast with forecasters saying its possible for up to 3 feet of rain and 125 mph winds. Hurricane Harvey slammed into the Texas coast late Friday, unleashing torrents of rain and packing powerful winds, the first major storm to hit the US mainland in 12 years. Photo: Mark Ralston/AFP/Getty