Two pit bulls attacked and killed a Chihuahua in Omaha, Nebraska, a local media report said. The 14-year-old Chihuahua's owner, Rick Janak, said he was heartbroken and feels "total sadness and anger too because people should've locked their dogs up."

The incident, being investigated by the Nebraska Humane Society (NHS), took place Tuesday. Local media reports said investigators from the NHS questioned the owner of the pit bulls. While visiting the dogs at their residence, investigators found that the pit bulls did not show any aggressive behavior toward people. However, NHS said the pit bulls weren't so friendly to other animals.

The NHS has declared the pit bulls dangerous, but the fate of the dogs remain unclear.

"Right now, we're still in the midst of our investigation and I can't say for sure yet what will happen to them," Kelli Brown with NHS told ABC's KETV 7. "But for now, we're issuing that declaration and the dogs cannot remain if the owners do not comply."

The NHS also said the owner faced charges as the pit bulls weren't restrained and they did not have insurance, licenses or vaccinations.

In a similar incident last month, a Chihuahua was mauled by a much bigger dog in South Florida. The Chihuahua suffered puncture wounds on her back and had a severed spine. Due to the severity of wounds, the pet owner was forced to put down her 11-year-old Chihuahua. The owner of the Chihuahua said at the time that the dog that attacked her pet looked like a pit bull breed.

The pit bull reportedly got in her property and attacked the Chihuahua.

Pit bulls are a ferocious breed of dogs and there have been several incidents in the past when they have attacked other canines and also humans. Some attacks on humans have also turned out to be fatal.

In this representational image, a chihuahua puppy poses at Pucchin Dog's shop in Akita prefecture, Japan, July 11, 2007. Getty Images/ Koichi Kamoshida