Two pit bulls attacked an 8-year-old girl in their Summerville neighborhood in Dorchester County, South Carolina. Local media reports said that the incident took place last week and the girl underwent surgery Tuesday. 

The girl’s father, Allen Weaver, said part of the child's ear was bitten off by the two dogs. The girl also suffered a fractured hip and had puncture wounds on her body. 

An incident report by the Dorchester County Animal Control stated that two neighbors heard the child screaming and they rushed outside to help. The girl's mother said two dogs came from a house up the street and jumped on and attacked her daughter. The girl was rushed to a nearby hospital for treatment.

The owner of the dogs, Anthony Jackson, secured the dogs after getting them off the girl. The latest incident sparked concerns among the neighbors. 

“We have kids that play in front of our houses, and now I feel like I have to keep my kids in the backyard until I know this situation is resolved," Mallory Burton, a neighbor, told local media. “As far as we’re aware the animals have not been removed yet, and that’s a concern for me.”

The owner of the dogs apologized for the incident.

“I’m working it out with [the family],” he said. “We’re getting work done on our house, and a worker left the side gate open, and that’s how they got out.”

While it remains unclear if charges will be filed against the dog owner, the fate of the pets was also unknown.

Late last month, a woman suffered serious injuries after she was attacked by a pit bull in Ceredo, a town in Wayne County, West Virginia. Officials with Huntington Cabell Wayne Animal Control said the woman was in her backyard when the dog jumped a fence and attacked her. Officials said the woman had cuts on her cheek, nose, arms, and back of her head. The woman's earlobe was bitten off in the attack. Officials said the dog was vaccinated and was not euthanized.