Pitch Perfect
Beca (Anna Kendrick, center) leads the Barden Bellas in a show-stopping number in "Pitch Perfect 2." Will the cast return for "Pitch Perfect 3"? Universal Pictures

Pitch Perfect 2” is still filling theaters nationwide, but Universal Pictures is wasting no time in getting started on another encore of the popular franchise. It was reported on Wednesday that “Pitch Perfect 3” is already in development with Kay Cannon, the screenwriter responsible for the franchise’s first two films, in talks to pen the new script.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, Universal is currently in negotiations with Cannon to bring her back for the third movie. However, that will not be the end of the contractual obstacles the studio needs to hurdle to keep the franchise afloat.

Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson, the movie’s breakout stars, did not have options in their “Pitch Perfect 2” contracts for another film. So, Universal will need to sit down with the pair and reach new terms. That might be expensive, considering both were paid upwards of $2 million each for “Pitch Perfect 2.”

It also remains to be seen if Elizabeth Banks, who -- in addition to starring in both of the “Pitch Perfect” films -- directed “Pitch Perfect 2,” would be back behind the camera for the next installment.

Whatever has to happen to ensure the Barden Bellas return to the big screen, Universal will likely oblige. “Pitch Perfect 2,” currently in theaters, has already grossed over $160 million domestically. Working off a modest $29 million budget, the franchise is a profit gold mine for the studio and it will likely see that it continues.

Cannon will have to figure out where the story will go now that many of the Bellas in the original two films have graduated. What will happen in “Pitch Perfect 3?” Only time will tell.

Watch the trailer for “Pitch Perfect 2” below: