Google's Pixel 4 smartphone is finally here after all the leaks and the rumors. Despite the avalanche of information about the new device, however, there are some things that people will only get to discover when they get their hands on the handset.

Previous leaks and rumors revealed the Pixel 4's specs and features, particularly its new Motion Sense and Face Unlock features. Earlier reports also revealed the Pixel 4's looks, with an emphasis on the bezels in front and the square camera module at the back.

Google, for its part, made sure to emphasize the Pixel 4's best features during the Made By Google event. Here's what the tech giant said:

  • First, the Pixel 4 comes in three colors: just black, clearly white and a new oh so orange color.
  • Second, the Pixel 4's OLED display has a 90Hz refresh rate and has been given an A+ rating.
  • Third, eligible Pixel 4 buyers will get three months of Google One for free.
  • Lastly, the Pixel 4 boasts of a “miniaturized camera rig” comprised of wide and telephoto cameras, a hyperspectral sensor, a microphone, and an LED flash.

These are but some of the things Google chose to talk about with regards to the Pixel 4. BGR, who got its hands on a unit, noted some things that the tech giant probably doesn't want the people to know about the device:

First, depending on the user's preference, the Pixel 4's design might be considered “weird.” The Pixel 4 is very different from the Pixel 2 and 3 in terms of overall design. The new handset ditched two-tone back and used a single-color glossy back instead.

Speaking of single color, the black edges make the phone look either attractive or unattractive, again, based on the user's preference.

Second, the display might look good, but BGR said the bezels on all sides don't. The top bezel, in particular, is about three times thicker than the bottom bezel.

Third, Motion Sense isn't really that useful yet. The feature seems revolutionary on paper but isn't as breathtaking in action. So far, it is only used to skip tracks, snooze alarms, turns the display off when the user is away, and turns Face Unlock on the moment the user picks the phone up.

Of course, it boils down to preference. Those who want to get the Pixel 4 should get it, and those who don't aren't pressured to.

Google has touted Motion Sense as a key feature of its new Pixel 4 smartphones
Google has touted Motion Sense as a key feature of its new Pixel 4 smartphones AFP / Johannes EISELE