After the popular and bizarre act of Planking, it was Owling that became a craze among people, sweeping across workplaces around the world.

But again, another weird act called Horsemanning challenged Owling and became a Facebook sensation.

Now, the Internet craze of lying and perching in unusual places and then taking a photo of yourself just took a more dangerous twist in the form of Batmanning - hanging upside down from raised surfaces by your feet.

Batmanning, which is the latest position craze spreading among netizens, draws its name from the nocturnal mammal which inspired the superhero.

A group of young men, calling themselves the Batman Boilers, came up with the daredevil sport challenging the likes of popular planking, Owling and Horsemaning.

When we tried Batmanning and found out it was possible, we searched to find that no one had a successful Batmanning video, said Chris Ganz, a member of the Batman Boilers in a Twitter post.

Here are two funny Batmanning videos:

Start the slideshow to watch the funniest Batmanning photos. Remember, as Planking and Owling, Batmanning can also be dangerous.