• Sony has filed a PS5 patent that will help players battle bosses at the right difficulty level
  • This feature is expected to be optional if it is ever introduced
  • The PS5 AI patent may be nothing more than a possibility as nothing is set in stone

Regardless of which game a player is into, there will be instances where the chief protagonist or boss may be hard to conquer. Sony appears to be aware of that and may soon introduce something that many PlayStation 5 owners might appreciate.

A patent for the PlayStation 5 has emerged for artificial intelligence (AI) that would properly assess a player’s skill level and adjust the difficulty of boss fights accordingly. This will be based on their successes and failures when they encounter a game’s main protagonist.

Hence, players may experience one of two possible results. If a player is doing well battling the boss on the PlayStation 5, they would then encounter harder adversaries to combat. But players who fail to beat bosses may then be met with easier enemies moving forward.

The ideal way to implement this would likely be to make it an option. For some players, they may prefer retaining the level of difficulty even if they continue to fail. They may prefer to stick to a challenge rather than make things easier for themselves when it comes to facing a video game opponent on the PS5.

Some may have come across the tweaking of difficulty levels before, particularly for those who have grown frustrated with not being able to defeat game bosses. Some quit, but others prefer to stick with it and find the right way to end up the winner.

Also, the fact that this is a patent means it should be taken lightly. It is possible that the suggested AI patent for the PlayStation 5 may not come to fruition. And even if it does, modifications or tweaks to it may still happen for a better gaming experience.

The worst-case scenario is for Sony to shelve these plans and figure out something else to make gaming on the PlayStation 5 more enjoyable.

This patent follows a previous one which would allow an AI to take over playing the PlayStation 5 for the player. In this scenario, the AI would also learn the player’s mannerism and take over when activated. This “AI personal assistant” could take over from players, either through boring stretches or moments that may be too tedious for them.

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