PSN Down
The PlayStation Network was offline Monday. PlayStation Store Screenshot

The PlayStation Network was reportedly down for many users Tuesday (and still was at press time). PlayStation's main support on Twitter has been busy responding to PSN user complaints since 12:49 p.m. EST (9:49 a.m. PST). Sony is asking PSN users to remain patient while they address the outage.

On NeoGaf, PSN members from Europe and U.S. reported several services were down. The current problem affects the PS3, PS4 and PS Vita. Some PSN members described having problems with digital games because they could not connect to a server to verify the purchase. The web version of the PlayStation Store was also down at time of publication.

Based on DownDetector, Europe appears to be the most affected by the outage. In the PlayStation Store, users can't purchase, download, browse or redeem vouchers. Some PlayStation Video and PlayStation Music content may be unavailable. Users are unable to stream games from PlayStation Now due to the PSN disruption in service. PSN members can monitor their service here.

Despite claims of a holiday hack similar to that of the Lizard Squad's in 2014, the PSN was unaffected during December. In 2014, the group of mostly teenagers were able to take the PSN and Xbox Live offline using a distributed denial of service attack. The Phantom Squad claimed credit for knocking out Xbox Live service briefly in December. No widespread outages were reported during Christmas. At this time, it is not believed the PSN outage is due to an attack.