Sony sold 50,000 PlayStation VR headsets in Japan in the first week of release, while China ranked second in Asia with 10,000 headsets sold, Mediacreate reported.

Although the sales number sound underwhelming compared to the 2.6 million sales projection for the headset, the sales aren’t due to limited demand. Rather, the company has supplied limited numbers of the headset to test early adopters’ response, industry analyst Daniel Ahmad tweeted.

Ahmad claimed that the supply will be limited until the end of the year so that the company can work on new software and add new features to the headset.

The PlayStation VR launched at a price of $399.99 on Oct. 13 worldwide. It has been hailed as an affordable headset compared to competitors Oculus Rift ($599) and HTC Vive ($799).

The PlayStation VR Bundle, including the PlayStation camera and Move controllers, comes for $499.99. It comes with depth sensing motion control and precision control.

Sony has already launched the PlayStation 4 Slim, while PlayStation 4 Pro will be released in November.