Pikachu Party Hat
Pokémon GO Event Next Week Features Pikachu In A Party Hat. Pictured: A woman uses a mobile phone prior to a parade where Pokemon's character Pikachu attends, in Yokohama, Japan, Aug. 7, 2016. REUTERS/Kim Kyung-Hoon

Pokémon Go has been at the top of the charts for a long time and one of the reasons for that is how often its parent company, Niantic, releases regular updates to the game. While the company’s latest Gen 2 update took place on Feb. 16, Niantic hasn’t yet stopped rolling out game-based goods to players.

The newest celebration to be held in the game will be Pokémon Day, which celebrates the day the first Pokémon game came out in Japan 21 years ago on Feb. 27, 1996. The company is holding several festivities and has put out the whole list on its website. One of the major goods rolled out during the celebration is the availability of Pikachu in special party hats. Starting 4 p.m. EST, Sunday to 4 p.m. EST March 6, all Pikachu will be wearing “festive party hats” to mark the Pokémon Day celebration. If you want to grab the special edition Pokémon, you would have to play the game during the time window.

Pikachu in a party hat will act the same way Pikachu in a Santa hat acted during the Pokémon Go Christmas event — it will retain its party hat, even if it evolves into Raichu. Niantic has not put out any images of the so-called party hats, but they could look like the Santa hats of the past update.

In addition to Pokémon Go, the celebration will be extended across the Pokémon ecosystem including the Pokémon website, the trading card game and more including:

Gallery Figures: A new kind of Pokémon merchandize, called Gallery Figures will debut on Pokémon Day. Players will be able to get their hands on the figures of Mewtwo, Eevee, Magikarp and Pikachu performing their signature attacks in the Pokémon Center. The figures are designed specifically for the Pokémon Center and have been offered to players for the first time.

Movie marathon: Pokémon.com and Pokémon TV mobile app will be streaming a Pokémon movie marathon including "Pokémon: The First Movie," "Pokémon4Ever" and "Pokémon—Zoroark: Master of Illusions."

Trading Card Online Game: The online game will offer extra trainer tokens on the Bonus wheel through Monday. It will also offer an extra-special daily bonus.

Pokémon Sun and Moon: Pokémon Sun and Pokémon Moon Bottlecaps will be offered at GameStop stores. The items would boost the strength of one of the players’ Pokémon through Hyper Training, which will make Pokémon battle better. Bottlecaps are on offer till March 5.

Nintendo 3DS XL: Pikachu Yellow Edition Nintendo 3DS XL will launch on Saturday, two days prior to Pokémon Day.

New Pokémon Movie: "Pokémon the Movie: Volcanion and the Mechanical Marvel" will be available on iTunes Store, Google Play and Amazon Video Monday.