When Niantic Labs rolled out the Gen 2 Update to “Pokémon GO,” many players were pleased with the addition of new Pokémon from the Johto Region and the minor tweaks on some aspects of the game. However, it was also undeniable how the update caused some issues that annoyed dedicated players. This then forced John Hanke’s company to roll out the performance updates — version 0.57.3 for Android and version 1.27.3 for iOS — in late February. Unfortunately, even the performance updates did not help in fixing the Pokémon GO Plus disconnecting issue Trainers have been complaining about.

Just this Monday, an irate player took to TheSilphRoad’s subreddit to ask if Niantic has even acknowledged the Pokémon GO Plus issue. Reddit user rkrausko stated that for the past two weeks, the peripheral has been very unstable and randomly disconnects from his iPhone 7 Plus every so often. Right away the thread caught the attention of other players, and it has since been receiving a lot of comments raising the same concern.

Based on the thread, most of the players having Pokémon GO Plus disconnecting issues are using iOS devices like the iPhone SE and and the iPhone 6s and newer generations. The only complaints coming from Android users are those that run the “Pokémon GO” app on the Samsung Galaxy S5, Galaxy S7, S7 edge and Google’s Pixel smartphone.

“The background crashing makes the go+ useless for me in terms of tracking distances while app is minimized in hopes of saving battery,” a comment on the subreddit reads. One disgruntled player even stated: “It’s become unplayable to me. I use to hear others complain about their app constantly crashing and never realized it was this bad.”

Meanwhile, some players have speculated on what is causing the problem. A Reddit user with the handle djexit said that for Trainers complaining about the problem, they should at least try changing the battery of their Pokémon Go Plus for this fixed his problem with the peripheral. On the other hand, Reddit user Nysyr claims the problem could stem from Apple forcing applications to use their servers in the recent updates, which would then mean that Niantic should modify the apps’s way of handling notifications to Apple servers.

Aside from Pokémon GO Plus, some users are also complaining about experiencing the same disconnecting issue on their Apple Watch. “The Apple Watch app has the exact same problem and it just makes the game unplayable,” Reddit user Damazinator wrote.

Given that almost everyday there’s a thread asking Niantic to fix the problem, many players are hoping that the company would roll out an update soon. However, there are others saying that Hanke’s company is still not acknowledging the issue. “It does not appear to be acknowledged publicly. I can’t image this not being on the radar. All one can do is submit a bug report to Niantic,” Reddit user wookyjack stated.

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