“Poldark” Season 3 premiered on Sunday. PBS

“Poldark” Season 3 returned much earlier than expected and the new season promises a more interesting plot and storyline, especially now that new characters are joining the series.

On Sunday, June 11, “Poldark” Season 3 premiered on PBS. For those who can’t wait to know what to expect in its new run, Captain Ross Poldark (Aidan Turner) will reportedly “traverse new family, new loves and new battles, as the French Revolution casts a shadow over life in Cornwall,” scriptwriter Debbie Horsfield told The Sun.

“Ross is older but not necessary wiser, and his recklessness sometimes costs him, and his loved ones, dear. We’re in for a rollercoaster ride where the stakes have never been higher,” Horsfield added.

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In “Poldark” Season 3, episode 2 trailer, Ross faces a new battle again. The French struggles and Demelza (Eleanor Tomlinson) asks her husband, Ross if he will still venture to France. The protagonist just looks at his wife without a word.

Meanwhile, the premiere episode of “Poldark” Season 3 replayed Ross and Elizabeth Chenoweth’s (Heida Reed) steamy romance. The lead actor revealed that he struggled with the intimate scene.

It was “tough to get right,” Turner said, Express reported. “I don’t think I’m telling tales to say we went back to shoot it again a little bit, it was a tough one to get right,” Turner explained. The stunt guys were around so it was difficult to perfect the scene. However, he enjoyed playing around the horses.

Meanwhile, Elizabeth is already in the third trimester of her pregnancy and she is doing all she could to deliver the child earlier, so as not to arouse her husband’s suspicious that the child is not his. In one scene, she is atop of an out of control horse and Ross rushes to help her. However, George (Jack Farthing) quickly trots up and tells Ross to keep his hands off to everything that belonged to him, including his wife.

After all Elizabeth’s drama, including faking a fall, she gives birth to Valentine Warleggan. George seems to be a proud dad, but things gets tough because Ross gets a hint that the child is his and he can’t imagine his little one to be in the arms of his arch nemesis. Ross and George rivalry continues in “Poldark” Season 3.

How will Elizabeth and Ross’ child affect their new families? How will George accept this if he learns the truth?

Watch “Poldark” Season 3 on Sunday on PBS.