Who would not break in a cold sweat if they learned there is a cougar chilling in their bathroom? Well, a California couple passed through this spine-chilling incident. The couple in Sonora, California called 911 this week as they sensed something undesirable going on in their toilet. Upon arriving, police were shocked to find out a mountain lion sitting in a kingly manner in the bathroom.

Kathy Suddhuth, 87 and Edward Suddhuth, 84 heard a loud slam in their Sonora home on Sunday when they were watching TV in the other room. The sound was possibly made by the big cat that wandered in through their open door and sneaked into the toilet thereafter.  While it caught them off guard, they made a guess it must have been chasing the neighbor’s pet, the pair told CNN affiliate KTXL.

"His tail was pretty close to me so I just 'thwipped' it a little," Edward was quoted as saying.

The animal, intimidated by the couple’s noises, took refuge in the toilet where it got locked. At first, Kathy and Edward had mistaken it for a dog that appeared in their living room. But, soon they realized it was a mountain lion and panicked.

The big cat also probably found the humans scary so it turned and absconded into a second-storey bathroom and the homeowners closed the door behind it, said Tuolumne County Sheriff’s Sgt. Andrea Benson to The Guardian.

The Sheriff’s Department wrote on Facebook clarifying that they don’t consider mountain lion sightings life-threatening for humans unless the animal is “exhibiting aggressive behavior” towards us. The post read- “Mountain lions tend to be shy and extremely stealthy.”

"911 had a hard time understanding what I was talking about because I probably was jabbering a lot," Edward told CNN.

The Department of Fish and Wildlife and Tuolumne County Sheriff's deputies shattered the bathroom window and shooed it outside the window.

The post also indicated that this big cat “did get a stern warning about the break-in before being released.”