A new browser app from Popcorn Time, the movie piracy service that enables users to watch Hollywood films before they've left the theaters, no longer requires users to download standalone desktop software. But, because the new site appears to rely on already existing Popcorn Time technology, it's still not quite as safe to use as it appears.

PopcornTimeInYourBrowser.io relies on the same clean, user-friendly display and search options that have made Popcorn Time such a hit, and such a headache for the movie industry, since its debut early last year. It's the main reason Popcorn Time has earned the “Netflix for pirates” nickname: an average Internet user might not have the patience to sit down and figure out a torrent site like the Pirate Bay, but they can almost certainly watch via a free streamer like Popcorn Time with little difficulty.

The problem is that “easier to use” doesn't necessarily mean “safer.” Popcorn Time users, like the users of any other piracy service, need to connect with swarms of other users to view the movie, exposing their IP address to hackers or law enforcement (streaming copyrighted movies through an unpaid service is widely illegal).

Users don't seem to need to install anything to watch PopcornTimeInYourBrowser, just search for the desired film, click, wait a moment and watch. Not all titles seem to play, but even new releases like “Ex Machina” and “Kingsman: The Secret Service” are listed and seem to run without much difficulty.

Popcorn Time is also available with an iOS app. If the service's recent checkered history has been any indication, though, enjoy the site while it lasts.