Artuso Pastry, an Italian bakery in the Bronx, New York, is celebrating the election of Pope Francis with freshly baked cookies. The Pope Francis pastries are a huge hit for the bakery.

Artuso Pastry, on East 187 Street in the New York City borough, has been family-run since 1946. The popular Italian bakery’s founder, Vincent F. Artuso, even has a street named after him in the Bronx. In 2008, Artuso Pastry sold cookies featuring Pope Benedcit XVI’s image when the pope toured New York.

“In 2008, we had a stand at Yankee Stadium, so we normally sold the Yankee-face cookies, such as Derek Jeter, Alex Rodriguez and Andy Pettitte. We heard the news that the pope would be coming to Yankee Stadium, so we said, ‘Well, the pope is coming -- what should we do to honor the pope?’ Natalie Corridori, general manager at Artuso, said. "What we did was we brought out a Pope Benedict cookie that sold hundreds within the first hour. We sold out.”

With the announcement of Pope Benedict XVI’s resignation in February, Artuso began making again the cookies featuring his image. “After we heard the news that Pope Benedict was retiring, we decided to resurrect the cookie and, again, sold hundreds of them," Corridori said.

With the election of Pope Francis, the pastry shop has baked a cookie bearing the new pope’s likeness, using a special pastry printer that can print images using edible ink onto a thin layer of icing. "When we heard the new pope announced on Wednesday, we brought out the Pope Francis cookies, and they have been selling really well,” Corridori said. In a short time, Artuso has sold thousands of the Pope Francis cookies.

A video of how Artuso made the Pope Benedict XVI cookie can be viewed below.