Omari Hardwick (as James 'Ghost' St
Omari Hardwick as James St. Patrick in "Power" Season 3, episode 10. Starz

“Power” Season 4 won’t be airing until next year, but the cliffhangers of the Season 3 finale already has us on the edge of our seats for the next installment of the Starz series.

The “Power” Season 3 finale dropped a lot of bombshells: Sandoval (David Fumero) being the mole and killing Greg (Andy Bean); Tommy (Joseph Sikora) and James “Ghost” St. Patrick (Omari Hardwick) killing Milan (Callan Mulvey); Kanan (Curtis Jackson) kidnapping Tariq (Michael Rainey Jr.); and Angela (Lela Loren) arresting Ghost. Episode 10, titled “In My Best Interest,” also hinted of Tommy and Ghost’s partnership fracturing next season as the former wants to continue selling drugs in St. Patrick’s nightclub Truth.

While waiting for the next installment of the series, here are 5 things we learned about Season 4 from “Power” executive producer Courtney Kemp’s recent interview with Deadline.

Sung Kang's Role

It was recently announced that “Fast and Furious” alum Sung Kang has joined the cast of “Power” Season 4, according to Yahoo. There’s not much known about his character at the moment, but Kemp teased that he will play a major role in the life of one of the series’ lead characters. “Let’s just say he’s a very influential character who comes into Angela’s life,” she told Deadline.

Kemp added that fans will see Kang’s character right away when the upcoming season opens, saying, “We need him in 401, so we see him right away.”

Dre’s Moment

With Ghost’s arrest in the “Power” Season 3 finale, it won’t come as a surprise if his men scramble to fill the void he’ll be leaving while he’s being investigated. But according to Kemp, one of Ghost’s most loyal subordinates will step up to the plate in “Power” Season 4.

“Dre really steps into this incredibly ambitious, almost to what I’d say, I call him Baby Ghost,” she told the publication. “In Season 4 we see a lot of this, we see Baby Ghost emerge. It’s because just as with Ghost and Tommy, and they got rid of Kanan, they murdered Breeze and then they grew into themselves. Well, Ghost is arrested and it gives Dre an opportunity to grow, not only in the clubs but in the drug business, so that’s one aspect.”

Tariq In Danger

In the final episodes of “Power” Season 3, Kanan had approached Ghost’s son Tariq and became close to him with the intention of using the teen against his father. While he’d been warned by Dre consistently to stay away from Kanan, Tariq ignored the warnings and continued communicating and hanging out with Kanan. In the Season 3 finale, Kanan finally showed his true colors when he kidnapped Tariq and sent Tasha (Naturi Naughton) a photo of her son tied up.

“I would say that what we used him for was this idea of hiding in plain sight, so he’s in the show,” Kemp said of Jackson’s character in “Power” Season 3. “Kanan’s always a presence, he’s always a threat, but he’s outside of Ghost’s purview. So, in some ways, we had to construct it so that he was outside of our purview too to some extent. He was operating quietly.”

However, there will be more bad things in store for Tariq in the upcoming installment as a result of his relationship with Kanan, according to Kemp.

“But I think episode 10 brings him full circle when you see that Jukebox (Anika Noni Rose) is back and you see that they have a new confederate in Ray Ray. And you see that there are much more horrors planned for Tariq as a result of this relationship and the fact that he’s fallen in love in some ways with Kanan,” she said.

Angela’s Fate

Despite their relationship, Angela arrested Ghost in the “Power” Season 3 finale on suspicion of killing Greg. It looks like she’ll discover in Season 4 that Ghost was not the one who killed Greg, and she’ll learn a lot from the mistakes she’s made so far.

“We’re going to see Angela actually try to become a decent prosecutor again. She’s wrong right now, but she’s in the place of righteousness,” Kemp told Deadline.

Jukebox's Return

Jukebox teamed up with Kanan in “Power” Season 3, episode 10 to kidnap Ghost’s son, so it’s no surprise Kemp wants her to play a big role next season. However, she told Deadline that they are still working out the details about Jukebox’s appearance in Season 4, since Rose will also be busy filming another series.

“Well, that had been the idea but Anika booked a lead role on a BET series. It’s one of the problems of having this novelistic set of characters, which is you can’t put everybody on a contract. So as much as I would have loved to really have Anika’s Jukebox be a huge part of Season 4, that huge role may have to wait because she has other things she’s doing. And, you know Anika is so talented, I would never imagine that I could get her to wait around to just do this part,” Kemp said of the actress.

But this doesn’t mean fans won’t see Jukebox at all next season, as Kemp assures the publication, “No, we’ll see her in four for sure. We’ll definitely see her in Season 4, there’s no question, just not as much as I had planned.”

“Power” Season 4 is expected to air in summer 2017 on Starz.