Nicole Snooki Polizzi, pregnant star of The Jersey Shore was at CitiField for the July 23rd Mets game against the Washington Nationals. She was also booed to the point where her Let's Go Mets message was completely drowned out, according to NBC Sports. Even though her message was lost on the team (beaten by Washington, 8-2), her presence inspired fans to rally behind their shared hatred of the reality TV star. At least they had something to rally behind, with the Mets posting a negative record for the month of July.

With the Mets being a complete failure this month, having a channel for fans to voice their displeasure was certainly needed, even if she is pregnant. Snooki responded via Twitter, Lol I love it in response to various tweets sent her way regarding the chorus of boos. While certainly not surprising, given Snooki's general popularity (regardless of how popular The Jersey Shore is, for whatever reason), it's somewhat shocking that she would even appear at a Mets game, let alone before thousands of ravenous Mets fans. The pregnant reality star is due in mid-August, with The Jersey Shore having already finished shooting for the season.

The latest season of The Jersey Shore finds Snooki living away from her roommates in an effort to avoid the alcohol and hot tub fiascos of previous seasons. Whether or not Snooki decides to raise the baby a Mets fan or start rooting for their cross-town rivals, the New York Yankees, is unknown at this time. Suffice to say, she'd probably receive a similar welcome in the Bronx.