Kate Middleton, Queen Elizabeth II
Kate Middleton photographed alongside Queen Elizabeth II at a children's sporting event at the East Midlands in Nottigham, England, on June 13, 2012. Getty Images

Kate Middleton is taking over the royal duties from Queen Elizabeth II as the 90-year-old is planning to retire, a new report claimed. According to the Globe, the Duchess of Cambridge is three months pregnant with Prince William's third child.

Middleton has been surrounded by several pregnancy rumors since she gave birth to her second child, Princess Charlotte, last year May. The Globe recently reported that Middleton is taking over the throne from the queen despite her pregnancy.

“William’s weary grandmother went into semi-retirement and handed off her duties to Kate," the report said, adding that Prince Charles wife, Camilla, got "furious" after learning about the news as she wanted to take over the royal duties after the queen.

However, Gossip Cop debunked the report saying that the news is false.

This is not the first time rumors about Middleton's pregnancy have surfaced. Last month, Star Magazine reported that the 34-year-old may soon welcome a baby girl into the royal family.

“Kate and William agreed long ago that big families were best. They’ve always wanted at least three kids, and for them to be close in age. This latest addition couldn’t be more welcome,” a source told the magazine. “They told the queen about it first,” and the rest of the royal family is “all very excited for the arrival of George and Charlotte’s little sister.”

Rumors about a feud between Middleton and the queen had also made the rounds. But none of the reports have so far been confirmed.