“Destiny’s Child” star Kelly Rowland tried to keep her baby’s gender a secret, but her excitement over her bundle of joy shined through so strong that she revealed she’s expecting a boy with husband Tim Witherspoon. The revelation was made during an interview with Fox411 on Wednesday at a Caress event. 

"We're very excited," the Caress spokeswoman, 33, said. "So far, everything has been good. I just feel like the baby is already [spoiled] rotten -- like literally, my Caress family has gotten him all of his little bathing stuff, his toys. It's just so cool."

She quickly realized she used the pronoun “his” and gave away the child’s sex. Instead of trying to back step, she just embraced the slip. "Aw, f--k it! It's a boy. It's a boy!" During an interview with Us Weekly at the event, Rowland gushed she felt so blessed to be pregnant. "I feel good," she said. "I’m looking at my body in its entirety right now, and I almost cry. I could almost cry right now just thinking about it because it’s such a gift! It’s such an amazing gift," she gushed.

As far as cravings go, it’s carbs galore. "Pizza is really tasty these days," she told the news site. "That and anything between two pieces of bread."

Her slip at the Caress event is not the first time she hinted she was having a boy. Last month on Instagram she posted a telling picture about the baby-to-be’s gender. "I'll be stuntin like my daddy," Rowland captioned the IG picture on June 10. The picture garnered nearly 100,000 likes.

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