Democratic presidential frontrunner Joe Biden said Tuesday that the U.S. “cannot delay” the November general election due to coronavirus concerns, but noted that the outbreak could change the way voting is conducted.

"I'd much prefer to have on — you know, in-person voting, but it depends. It depends on the state of play," Biden told NBC’s “Today.”

"But we cannot, we cannot delay or postpone a constitutionally required November election."

The coronavirus has already disrupted the election season, with primaries in at least 14 states being delayed, along with Puerto Rico. The Wisconsin primary continued as scheduled Tuesday after the state’s Supreme Court struck down Gov. Tony Evers executive order to delay in-person voting.

Biden, along with his Democratic opponent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, have called off in-person rallies during the outbreak, and have instead relied on digital campaigning. Despite trailing Biden in the delegate count, Sanders continues to stay in the race and promote his “Medicare-for-All” policy.

The Democratic convention was originally scheduled for July but was pushed to August amid the outbreak. Biden has said that the convention could be a virtual event, as a safety measure to prevent the spread of the disease.