“Pretty Little Liars” continued its fourth season on Tuesday with episode four, “Face Time.” So, what's the latest?

Emily welcomed her dad home at the beginning of the episode, but unfortunately not on happier terms. Her parents are currently being investigated by family services after somebody reported that Emily has been having problems at home.

Things get worse for Emily when she heads to the doctor’s and learns that her shoulder is worse than they thought. Sidelined from swimming, Emily is going to have to go through rehab, may need surgery and may even never swim again.

Hanna is having an equally bad day when Detective Holbrook’s partner, Lt. Tanner, comes into Rosewood to investigate the recent murders. After learning from Caleb that her father thinks her mother stole his gun, she goes to visit her mom at work – and the police are already there. Asking to see Detective Wilden’s safety security box, Holbrook and Tanner open it to find thousands of dollars, two passports (one American and one Canadian), and a gun with the serial number filed off.

Holbrook and Tanner leave with Wilden’s box, but they’re not done with Hanna’s mom, Ashley. The two officers show up to the house to speak with Ashley, but Hanna and Caleb lie and say she isn’t home.

Hanna and Caleb aren’t the only ones lying. Although Spencer finally comes clean to her family about not getting into the University of Pennsylvania, she lies to Aria about what Toby is up to. While Aria thinks Toby is searching for “A’s” lair, he’s really going to go see the doctor who was the last one to see his mother before she died.

Unfortunately for Toby, his mother’s doctor isn’t in the right state of mind anymore. Initially thinking him to be practicing at a facility, he’s actually a resident there.

“You don’t think she jumped do you?” Toby asks him. “The forces—the air, it just got too heavy for her. I’m studying the heaviness of air,” the doctor tells him.

Toby feels that his trip to see the doctor was a waste after the doctor tells him to say hi to his mother, but the doctor does actually drop some pretty telling information. “Tell her to stay away from that girl,” the doctor tells Toby. “That blonde girl. There is something wrong with the air around that one. Very troubling.”

Aria has a bit of trouble of her own while out on a date with Jake. Although the two seem to be hitting it off, a walk through Rosewood throws them off when Ezra’s son, Malcolm, runs out of a bookstore to say hi to Aria. Initially not too awkward, Malcolm asks Aria why she doesn’t come over anymore. The question leads Jake to ask who Ezra is, “a friend of the family?” “No,” Aria responds. “Just one of my teachers.”

In a surprising move on Aria’s part, she actually comes clean to Jake about her history with Ezra. While Jake doesn’t kiss Aria at the end of the evening, he does tell her that she can call him.

With that out of the way, Aria helps Spencer get to the bottom of the whole Melissa mask mystery. The pair plant the mask in Melissa’s suitcase and follow her to Hector’s studio. When they get there they see Melissa dragging a black trash bag out to the water. Spencer follows Melissa and finds that she’s breaking a series of her masks and throwing them in the water. Confronting Melissa, Spencer learns that she traded her face (as Emily did last week) for information on Alison. “I wanted to know when [Alison’s mask] was made,” Melissa tells Spencer, believing that Alison might actually still be alive.

Melissa also explains that it was Wilden in the other Queen of Hearts costume on the train, and it was he who tried to kill Spencer. “Somebody was telling Wilden what to do,” says Melissa. “I didn’t know about hurting you until I was on the train. … I’ve been protecting you since before it started.”

And part of Melissa’s help was sending Jenna and Shana to the lodge to find out who was trying to meet Spencer. Melissa claims it wasn’t they who started the fire, but Wilden. And it also wasn’t Jenna or Shana who pulled the girls out of the fire … it was somebody else.

“Did you kill Detective Wilden?” Spencer asks her sister. But Melissa doesn’t respond.

While Spencer is getting information out of Melissa, Aria snoops around Hector’s studio and finds a series of Alison masks. Asking Hector why he lied to them about destroying them, Hector says that he didn’t lie. He claims that he really destroyed the mold but couldn’t part with the masks.

Hector also reveals in a flashback that the last time he saw Alison was the summer she disappeared. Alison went to go see Hector to demand the rest of her payment for the masks, but Hector didn’t have it. Handing over whatever cash he did have, he watched Alison jump in the passenger’s seat of a black car.

Episode four, “Face Time,” ended with the police at Emily’s house on a domestic disturbance call, a text from “A” stating that “Melissa is guilty of plenty, but she’s not ‘A’ material,” Hanna revealing to her friends that she thinks her mom killed Wilden, and “A” gluing together one of Melissa’s broken masks.

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