The “Pretty Little Liars” split season can be considered a gift and a curse. While fans of the ABC Family series love the early summer premiere, the wait for the winter premiere can be absolutely brutal. Fortunately, creator I. Marlene King and the “Pretty Little Liars” cast and crew love to give out hints about the upcoming episodes!

The winter premiere or season 4B will kick off on Tuesday, Jan. 7, 2014. As we revealed in early July, the episode will be called “Who’s in the Box?” But what does that mean?

King and her fellow “Pretty Little Liars” writers took to Twitter on Sept. 4 to reveal a very important clue: “There’s a B in the box.”

Twitter users posted their theories, which ranged from Aria’s father, Byron, being in the box, to another box being in the box. But we have our own theory … Alison has a twin.

So far no box has been introduced, but fans still have to get past the special “Pretty Little Liars” Halloween episode before the winter premiere. The Halloween special will follow Aria, Spencer, Emily and Hanna in neighboring town Ravenswood as they search for Alison. As the girls learned in the season 4 summer finale, Alison didn’t die the night she went missing. Instead, she was pulled from the ground by Mrs. Grunwald. It’s possible that the person who attempted to kill Alison eventually caught up to her, but the Liars strongly believe that they’ve physically seen her over the past few years.

I. Marlene King responded to a fan’s question on Sept. 6 that asked how Alison could be alive if there was an autopsy report, and the creator gave a simple reply: “Title of the season premiere: Who’s in the Box!”

Our theory is based on the “Pretty Little Liars” book series in which Alison has a twin, Courtney. The clue “There’s a B in the box” could be referring to the fact that there is not only an “A” … but a “B.” (Like DiLaurentis twin A and B.)

The reveal of a DiLaurentis twin in the Halloween episode wouldn’t come as too much of a surprise. For the past two Halloween specials, the series featured a creepy story about murderous twin girls. In season 2, a flashback showed Alison telling a story about blonde twin girls who got into a fight over a doll. In a deadly twist, one of the girls ends up stabbing her sister in the heart with a knife, and was put into an asylum. In season 3, one of the little girls from Alison’s story appeared at Ashley’s house on Halloween night. She later vanished from the house.

If Alison does (or did) have a twin it leaves a series of new questions:

- Is the alive twin really Alison? Or is it her sister? - Why does no one know about the twin?

- Did someone want Alison or her twin dead?

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