The “Pretty Little Liars” season four premiere is a week away, and fans of the hit ABC Family series knows what that means -- we finally find out what shocking thing was in the trunk!

Viewers will remember that the season three finale concluded with the girls driving back into town after the fire and discovering Detective Wilden’s cop car had returned (from beyond its watery grave). The video from the car showed that after Ashley Marin hit Detective Wilden, he was helped by Jenna and Shana. But that wasn’t the most shocking part. The girls opened the trunk of the car to find … we don’t know! But as we previously teased, it’s definitely something “disturbing.”

Whatever mysterious thing (or body) is in the trunk will definitely be revealed in episode one, “A Is For A-l-i-v-e,” and the “Pretty Little Liars” Facebook page was nice enough to leave fans with a clue.

“Will it break if you drop it?” is one of the questions regarding the contents of the trunk. A’s response is “it won’t break, but it might leak.” A’s answer came along with a photo – but it doesn’t look like much. Facebook users are speculating that it’s a blanket, legs, a close up of an Oreo cookie, Jason’s hospital IV bag or pictures.

The second question is “Is it something warm?” “A’s response is “It was warm. Some would even say hot.” Like question one, A’s answer comes with a photo and it is just as hard to decipher. “It was warm” seems to indicate a body, and fans are thinking it could be anyone from Jason to Cece.

The third question, “Is it something small?” has yet to be answered by “A.”

The season four premiere is set to air on Tuesday, June 11and photos from “A Is For A-l-i-v-e” show the girls attending a funeral. While who the funeral is for remains a mystery, one theory is that it is for Detective Wilden. Pictures show the church surrounded by police officers, and the show has even added a new cop to its cast – Sean Faris. Faris will be playing Pennsylvania State Trooper Gabriel Holbrook. He’ll be meeting the girls in the premiere episode … possibly to question them about the fire or cop car.

Holbrook won’t be Aria and crews only problem. A is still stirring up trouble and will be texting the girls at the funeral.

Catch season four of “Pretty Little Liars” at 8 p.m. on Tuesday, June 11 on ABC Family.