“Pretty Little Liars” has no problem killing off characters. Over the past four seasons, fans have said goodbye to Alison DiLaurentis (maybe), Detective Wilden, Maya St. Germain, Ian Thomas, Lyndon James, Garrett Reynolds and Marion Cavanaugh. So is another character set to kick the bucket later on this season?

Judging by the recently leaked episode 14 title, we’re leaning toward another death occurring in season four. According to SpoilerTV, the season four, episode 14 title is “Who’s in the Box?”

While no plot description accompanied the title, it sounds like fans will have a similar situation to season three’s “What’s In Wilden’s Trunk?” finale. What leads us to this theory is that episode 14 will be the premiere of part B of season four. Set to air on Jan. 7, 2014, the episode will follow the special Halloween episode in October.

In the season three Halloween episode, a couple of dead bodies showed up, and a couple people avoided becoming dead bodies. Alison’s body bag ended up turning up in the soft drink ice cooler, and Aria found herself trapped in a crate with Garrett’s dead body.

Executive Producer Marlene King is keeping tight-lipped on the upcoming Halloween episode, but she did tweet about seeing it in mid-June.

Other “Pretty Little Liars” crew members jumped in on the tweet-teasing, posting:

What we do know is that Caleb will be leaving Rosewood by the end of the episode as he moves on over to the “Pretty Little Liars” spin-off series, “Ravenswood.” “I had chills reading it,” actress Lucy Hale said of the script. “There’s so much in the Halloween episode that will make people really unhappy. But it’s so good. And it’s the best-written episode we’ve ever done. You’re actually going to die. It’s so good.”

What do you think will happen in the Halloween episode to have the next episode called “Who’s In The Box?” Let us know in the comments section.