As season four of “Pretty Little Liars” continues, the girls are continuing their journey into discovering who “A” is -- despite the recent outcomes. With the death of Detective Wilden, Hanna’s mom possible being framed for the crime and Emily’s parents being accused of child abuse, the liars are definitely struggling.

According to, episode seven will find Caleb and Toby teaming up in an attempt to help their ladies out. Trying to figure out what really happened the night of the lodge fire, the boys encounter a new source that “points to a new possible identity for Red Coat.”

While Caleb is off with Toby, Hanna is struggling to act like everything is normal after her mother, Ashley, appears to be guilty in the murder of Wilden. And it’s not looking good. Between Ashley’s meetup with Hanna’s dad over money, her sketchy alibi and the missing gun, Hanna could be spiraling out of control fast.

Aria, Spencer and Emily want to help but are unsure of how to, and, on top of that, they have their own problems. With Aria’s brother, Mike, back in the picture, Aria is once again worried about her little, brother especially in “light of an incident at school.” Meanwhile, her ex, Ezra, is struggling with how he “now fits into her life.” Could it potentially be because he spotted Aria out with her hot new martial arts instructor, Jake?

Tension is definitely high for the girls as they are determined to clear Ashley and find a new suspect in Wilden’s murder. But just like in the past, their actions have consequences, and “A” has a new plan that will “threaten to send everything crashing down around one of the liars.”

New episodes of “Pretty Little Liars” airs on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on ABC Family. Catch “Crash And Burn, Girl” when it premieres on July 23 at 8 p.m.