It’s Spencer vs. Ezra in episode 20 of “Pretty Little Liars.” After doing some research (with the help of her handy dandy pills), Spencer has successfully managed to build a case against Ezra being A. But the episode “Free Fall” finds Ezra doing everything in his power to damage Spencer’s credibility with Aria and the others.

Episode 20 kicks off with Spencer waking up in Ezra’s classroom with the journal in front of her. She is confused as to her whereabouts, and the pills seem to have her sleepwalking – and even making 4 a.m. phone calls to Emily. Knowing that Spencer is close to his secret yet also on the edge of breaking, Ezra decides to reveal Spencer’s pill habit to Aria … through the use of the stolen school files. Shocked at the information, Aria brings it to Hanna and Spencer. Together the trio decides to confront Spencer as a form of an intervention. But Spencer’s not willing to sit through the confrontation. Instead she tells Aria that Ezra is A and unsuccessfully tries putting all the blame on her high school teacher, telling the others that she was set up by him. When her friends don’t believe her, she goes to run – and an empty prescription pad (planted by Ezra) falls out of her bag.

As the girls intervention turns foul, Mona’s out on a romantic dinner date with Mike. But her evening out is interrupted when Ezra shows up in the restaurant. Excusing herself to talk to him, Mona tries to quit helping him. But Ezra won’t let her. “It’s too late to back out,” he tells her, adding that he still needs her help.

And while the “help” he needs may be a mystery for now, it may have something to do with the “A-trap” that Hanna and Emily agree to set up with Spencer. Using Ambrose Pavilion at the Norristown Zoo as a fake meeting place for Alison, the trio plans on luring Ezra there. But the girls forget that Ezra has minions (like Mona), and someone trying to impersonate Spencer dupes them. With the mission a failure, Spencer returns home and is confronted by her mother and Toby about her pill addiction.

Meanwhile Aria becomes suspicious of Ezra and decides to head up to his cabin to do some snooping. Managing to break in with the passcode protection, Aria stumbles across his hidden basement lair. But while the basement previously held “A’s” mega-computer, it’s now empty. Coming out empty-handed, Aria’s ready to abandon her search when she spies something odd on the table – a “Carnivore's Delight Guide To Grilling” book. Opening up the book, Aria discovers that it has been hollowed out and filled with notes … about Alison. Unfortunately her time to do some investigating is cut short when Ezra pulls up to the cabin. Grabbing the pages and escaping out the window, Aria’s attempt to run turns out to be a failure when she realizes that she forgot her car keys on his table.

Ezra finds Aria’s keys and takes off into the woods after her. “Why are you doing this?” Ezra calls out to her. “Just come out and talk to me. Please, don’t do this. Just come out and talk to me.” Keeping quiet, Aria manages to take off for a lift – but Ezra meets her there just as it takes off. Stuck with her on the lift, Aria is terrified about potentially being next to “A.” “You knew Alison,” she confronts him. “You knew her. You pretended not to.”

Ezra reveals that he did know Alison and that he met her when he was in college. He explains that Alison lied about her age and that he believed her. “I wanted to tell you so many times,” he continues, saying that he was afraid that she wouldn’t forgive him. And he was right. Aria accuses him of trying to kill Alison and torturing them, but Ezra tells a different story.

“I would never hurt her,” Ezra tells her. “I was writing a book about her.”

Ezra’s side of the story is that he wanted to get to the bottom of things when he discovered that she went missing. He knew who Alison’s friends were and applied at Rosewood High School to get close to them. Ezra also reveals that he knew exactly who Aria was that first day he met her – and that he took advantage of the situation because he would do anything for the story.

“I didn’t know I was going to fall in love with you,” he adds. “I have lied about a lot of things. But I have never lied to you, not once, about how I feel about you.”

Aria tells Ezra that she plans on reading every single page from the stolen notes she has – but doesn’t get the chance to when Ezra knocks the pages out of her hand and onto the floor.

The episode ends with Aria arriving back home and a mysterious person picking up the notes. But was Ezra telling the truth? Or is he covering up his identity as “A?” Let us know your thoughts on episode 20 of “Pretty Little Liars” in the comments section or send a tweet to @AmandaTVScoop.