Pretty Little Liars season 4 episode 21 she come undone
Who is "A"? Episode 21 of "Pretty Little Liars" points to a new character. Pretty Little Liars

We don’t know where the truth starts or the lies end in episode 21 of “Pretty Little Liars.” And apparently neither does Aria, who just figured out that the love of her life has been deceiving her for four seasons now.

During Tuesday’s episode “She Come Undone,” Aria opens up to the girls about what happened with Ezra on the lift. “He’s not A,” she said. “He’s a writer who found an opportunity to make a name for himself.”

When Emily, Spencer and Hanna kept pushing Aria about how Ezra being A was the only logical conclusion, the heartbroken ex confessed to her friends that her former boyfriend had his own theories of who A is.

“He thinks that one of us did it,” Aria revealed.

Um, excuse us? That’s a theory we’ve never thought of before. And for some reason, Ezra’s prediction really irked Spencer. But that wasn’t the only thing that got under the brainy beauty’s skin during episode 21. After waking up in the morning, Spencer came across packed bags — her own. Her parents were attempting to send their daughter to a rehab facility in Philadelphia due to her drug addiction. But Spencer, being the lawyer-like girl she is, convinced her parents otherwise, saying having Radley and rehab on her college applications would ruin her chances of continuing her education.

“I admit I lost control. But it’s not like last time. All I’m asking is for you to give me on chance to get off them on my own,” she said.

While Spencer struggled with withdrawal in tonight’s episode of “Pretty Little Liars,” Aria is trying to cope with the fact that her boyfriend has been betraying her trust since the moment she met him. The idea of Ezra going behind her back is enough to make her vomit — or confront him in school. But luckily for the writer, he was out for a “family emergency.”

Aria heads to his apartment, where she’s convince the “coward” is hiding. But she findings no one, just an empty room full of clues. C’mon, you can’t blame Aria for snooping now, can you? Hidden in Ezra’s draws, Aria finds folders filled with secrets about Ali, her friends and family written down by her boyfriend for his book. That’s when Aria’s meltdown occurs.

She basically resembled a tiny hulk as she ripped through Ezra’s apartment like a tornado, smashing anything in her way. At the end of her meltdown Aria collapsed to the floor, which is when Aria’s friends found her clutching her knees in the middle of what used to be Ezra’s apartment. Before leaving, Spencer grabs clues from their English teacher’s home and begins trying to piece them together in her room. That’s when her head starts spinning. Trying to stay grounded and focused, Spencer takes a pill, which “someone” left for her in her locker.

As Spencer attempts to figure out who A is, Emily does everything in her power to keep Ali alive and safe. But in the middle of Emily’s quest to get her missing friend money, Paige gets in the way. Emily’s girlfriend gives her an ultimatum, which is when Emily spills the best-kept secret of “Pretty Little Liars.” “Ali is alive,” Emily confessed to Paige, explaining that the money is to help her stay hidden from someone trying to kill her

“Ali used you and abused you. Why do you want to help her? She manipulates people to get what she wants,” Paige asked. Emily replied that Ali's changed.

“She faked her death for the past two years,” Paige responded, proving Ali might be more self-centered than Emily thinks. But what’s with all the angst, Paige? After Emily spilled the news, Paige threatened to go to the police. But Emily put her foot down. “If something happens to Ali, I’ll never forgive myself or you,” she threatened. But Paige has bigger threats up her sleeve. She told her girlfriend that the only way she won’t go to the police is if Emily cuts ties with Ali —and Emily agrees.

Meanwhile, Aria is still sobbing over Ezra. “There weren’t even signs. How did I miss them?” she asked Hannah, who consoled her friend by saying Ezra fooled them all. “But you’re not the one who was sleeping with him,” she responded. With that said, Hanna ran out to get some comfort food, which is when Aria found a surprising piece of evidence hidden in Ezra’s book.

A letter from Random House publishers congratulates Ezra on his thrilling book. “We can’t wait to hear how it ends,” it concludes, along with contact information. Aria calls the number only to find out that Ezra is currently discussing a date for his novel to be released. In a fit of rage, she heads over to her principal’s house, ready to spill the details about her relationship with the teacher. But Hannah catches her in the nick of time.

“I can’t believe I thought he was going to destroy the book for our relationship,” Aria said. “I’m not going to be the only one that suffers.” Hannah reminds her friend that she won’t be the only one who gets affected by this and to think of her family.

Speaking of family, Spencer has some serious questions for her father in “She Come Undone.” While sifting through Ezra’s belongings, she found a number for a private investigator along with a passage that said Mrs. DiLaurentis paid off CeCe to keep her mouth shut about what happened the night Ali went missing. Apparently, the crazy blonde saw Spencer flinging around a shovel. But because Spencer was on medication, she has no recollection of what happened. Is Spencer A? Well, that’s a question she asked herself too when she learned that her father had also created some sort of deal with Ali's mom to keep what happened that night under wraps.

With her father refusing to speak to her, Spencer heads straight to the DiLaurentis household. Gripping Mrs. DiLaurentis’ wrists, she pleads with Ali's mom to tell her the truth. But Mrs. DiLaurentis’ wouldn’t budge. Spencer goes home, confused — feeling more lost than ever — only to be greeted by her parents and Toby, who are now forcing he to get help.

And while that part of the episode was especially thrilling, nothing takes the cake quite like Paige’s destructive letter. Lying to Emily, Paige slips an anonymous note into a cop car stating that Ali is still alive and that they should start looking for her.

Oh, the can of worms she just opened up!

Do you think Spencer’s A? Or should fans be looking at Paige? We mean, she might be pretty jealous that her current girlfriend is risking her life for someone she used to love. Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below about how you felt regarding Tuesday’s episode of “Pretty Little Liars.”