Ezria shippers, rejoice: The unfortunate-in-love couple may get a second chance at happiness in the last half of the fourth season of “Pretty Little Liars.” The ABC Family series splits its seasons in two, with part A concluding with the Halloween special in October, and part B picking up in January. Unfortunately, it appears as if Ezra and Aria lovers will have to wait until part B to potentially see sparks flying.

One Ezria relationship scoop comes courtesy of “Pretty Little Liars” writer Maya Goldsmith. Fans have been in a tizzy this season with all the drama -- the latest being that Ezra is not the father of Malcolm -- and Goldsmith has taken to her Twitter account to tease more shenanigans during the second half.

In late July, Goldsmith told a fan that she was about to write episode 17, which has “so much Ezra in it that if Ezra was a slushy, 417 would give you brainfreeze.” But that little bit of scoop wasn’t enough for her followers, so she came across with the following Ezria scoop for episode 17:

The photo Goldsmith posted (sideways) is from the episode 17 script. In the script, Ezra supposedly “doesn’t know where to begin.”

“It’s a mess,” he tells Aria. “I don’t think I should pull you into this.”

“I’m not leaving, Ezra,” she counters. “So -- you may as well talk to me.”

The pair settle down on the couch together in Ezra’s apartment, and although the text cuts off, it looks like someone might be hanging outside his door listening.

Episode 17 started shooting last Wednesday and is currently titled “Bite Your Tongue.” On set that day, Troian Bellisario, who plays Spencer Hastings, posted a photo on Instagram with Brandon Jones, who plays classmate Andrew Campbell. The two appear to be standing in Ezra’s classroom in front of a chalkboard, which says, “Mr. Fitz S--ks.”

Pretty Little Liars
Spencer appears to have beef with Mr. Fitz in an upcoming episode of "Pretty Little Liars." Instagram

It’s unclear what kind of trouble Ezra is in now, but it doesn’t appear to be letting up by episode 18. SpoilerTV reported that episode 18 is currently titled “Hot For Teacher.”

Does this mean Ezra and Aria are romantically back together? Or is “A” once again digging up their history to cause problems? Let us know your thoughts about the coming “Pretty Little Liars” episodes.