“Pretty Little Liars” will continue the drama on Tuesday, Aug. 13 , with episode 10, “The Mirror Has Three Faces.” But fans will not only be looking forward to the upcoming shenanigans that “A” plans to throw at Emily, Hanna, Aria and Spencer ... a fan-favorite character is returning!

Can you guess who it is?

Pretty Little Liars
Wren will return to "Pretty Little Liars" in episode 10, "The Mirror Has Three Faces." Julian Morris/ Instagram

None other than Julian Morris’ Wren Kingston! Morris posted the above photo of himself on Instagram to get “Pretty Little Liars” fans excited for his return.

The sexy doctor (and former lover of the Hasting sisters) hasn’t been featured on the ABC Family series since season 3. At the time, he was on bad terms with Spencer after admitting that he let CeCe into Radley to visit Mona.

So, what will he be up to in episode 10? Wren actually isn’t mentioned in the synopsis, so currently it’s a mystery! However, we do know that things will definitely be taking a turn for the weird in Rosewood.

As we previously reported, Emily will be receiving an interesting offer from Mrs. Dilaurentis in “The Mirror Has Three Faces.” Since Emily is living out of a motel due to A's attack on her house, Alison’s mom wants to know if Emily would like to move into Ali’s old room. While Emily is initially disturbed by the idea, she becomes even more distraught “when the other Liars insist that she take Mrs. D up on her offer.” The girls are bent on getting new information … but is Emily shacking up in Ali’s old room pushing it too far?

Meanwhile, Ashley’s good fortune takes a turn for the worse, Ezra gets an “even more crushing blow regarding his son,” Aria tries to learn more about Jake, and “A” sends Toby and Spencer on an emotional ride regarding his mother’s death.

Episode 10, “The Mirror Has Three Faces,” airs on ABC Family on Tuesday, Aug. 13 at 8 p.m. Are you looking forward to Wren’s return on “Pretty Little Liars?” Let us know in the comments section!