• The girls want to save the café with their singing
  • "Prima Doll" Episode 1 is airing Sunday
  • The episode will release on Hidive

The employees of Café Kuronekotei are metal statues that resemble living human girls. These girls are called Prima Dolls and they know how the mind functions and have an inner voice.

"Prima Doll" Episode 1 introduces a group of mechanical dolls who serve their customers with a smile. However, this was not what they used to do before. The Prima Dolls initially functioned as weapons of war. They were meant to complete the deadly missions for their masters.

The war has now ended and there is peace, so the girls with human hearts look for their place in a world without conflict.

The official preview trailer offers a glimpse into the world of these Prima Dolls who are enthusiastic about life and their work. It also shows an unnamed character who wants to test their potential. Meanwhile, the girls want to protect the café with their singing.

The first half of the trailer is quite wholesome, but things turn dark in the second half when the girls are seen in action. One of the scenes shows a doll activating combat code to arm her subordinates.

"Café 'Kuronekotei' boasts an unusual roster of employees. A group of automata, or autonomous mechanical dolls, serve their patrons with a smile, but they weren’t always so suited to domestic life. Just a few years prior, automata served as weapons in the great war, fulfilling the bloody purpose for which they were created," read the official series synopsis of "Prima Doll," as per Sentai. "Now that the war has ended, these machines with human hearts search for their place in an unfamiliar, peaceful world — and their search begins at the Kuronekotei café."

The cast of the series includes Akari Kito as Retzel, Azumi Waki as Haizakura, Miyu Tomita as Gekka, Tomori Kusunoki as Karasuba, Yuki Nakashima as Hоkiboshi, Ayaka Suwa as Otome Okunomiya, Ayumu Murase as Nagi Toma and Misaki Kuno as Chiyo.

The anime is directed by Tensho and the series composition and scripting are by KAI and Touya Okano. The series character designing is by Akane Yano, while the original character designers are En Morikura, lack, Fuzichoco, Yui Hara and Na-Ga.

The art direction is handled by Masakazu Miyake and the art setting is by Kazuhiro Arai and Yuri Sanan.

"Prima Doll" Episode 1 is set to debut this Sunday. Fans in the U.S. can watch the episode online on Hidive. The installment will stream in Japanese with English subtitles.

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