Prince Charles
Prince Charles received backlash following his statement in BBC's documentary. Pictured: Prince Charles looks at artwork made from recycled plastics as he attends a plastics event at Sandbox on day six of his trip to west Africa with the Duchess of Cornwall on November 5, 2018 in Accra, Ghana. Getty Images/Joe Giddens-WPA Pool

Prince Charles has been accused of abusing his power by anti-monarchy campaigners.

The backlash started after the Duke of Cornwall said that he will stop talking about the causes close to his heart when he takes over the throne. Anti-monarchy campaigners Republic fired back at Prince Charles by saying that he has already said too much like the heir to the throne.

“The royal PR machine is facing a crisis as Charles prepares to take the throne. Charles has routinely abused his position of power, privately lobbying Cabinet ministers and influencing government policy with his own political agenda. It’s unsurprising that royals are rushing to change Charles’ public image as heir prepares to become king, but does he really expect us to believe he won’t capitalize on all the powers he’s about to inherit?” they said (via Express).

King Charles is just around the corner and we should be having a wide-ranging national debate about our country’s future, not a coronation by default,” Republic added.

Throughout the years, Prince Charles has been vocal in his efforts to protect the environment. He has also been advocating for the protection of GM crops and various endangered species. But his involvement in these causes has led critics to accuse him of meddling for much of his life as the longest-serving heir to the throne in the United Kingdom.

However, Lord Hain, a former cabinet minister, took to Prince Charles’ defense and said that monarchs are not expected to not have views.

“I’ve never been a monarchist, but if you believe in a monarchy, they I don’t see why the monarch currently or the future monarch should be expected to be completely viewless and silent on everything,” he said.

Hain added that he respects Prince Charles’ viewpoint when he said that he will not speak out on issues when he becomes king.

“I respect his point of view, just as I respected our dialogues when I was in government,” he said.