How’s Prince Charles’ relationship with his sons Prince William and Prince Harry? Is he closer to one of the dukes?

Many are wondering about the Prince of Wales’ relationship with Prince William and Prince Harry. Some want to know if the future king is particularly closer to one of his children.

According to Robert Arissen, the apparent heir “does not have a closer relationship with one of his sons over the other.” He is equally close to Prince William and Prince Harry as he has always been.

As a dad, royal expert Penny Junor said that he didn’t spend as much time with his boys due to his royal duties. He actually has a “tricky relationship” with them.

“It is a slightly tricky relationship because Charles has always been quite a remote figure, he has always been consumed by work,” Junor told the Daily Beast.

“That’s not a product of a lack of love. It’s a product of the fact he is so focused on his work, and the need to make a difference in the world that, like many people who are seeking to make a difference in the world, he has sometimes overlooked friends and loved ones beside him.”

Although Prince Charles doesn’t have much time with Prince William and Prince Harry, that doesn’t mean that he is an absentee dad. The three royals still take time together at Broadfield, Prince Charles’ farm or at the Balmoral, the royal family’s estate in Scotland.

Prince William and Prince Harry even inherited Prince Charles’ litter picking habit. According to the Duke of Cambridge, their dad took them litter picking when they were young during the holidays. They would use their spikes to stab the rubbish they find into black plastic bags.

Prince Harry also picked up the rubbish he found in school. According to him, he didn’t go out consciously looking for it, but he couldn’t help but pick it up when he sees something on his way. The Duke of Sussex admitted that he was programmed to do it because he saw his dad, Prince Charles, doing it.

Prince William and Prince Harry tend to be closer to each other than to Prince Charles especially after their mom Princess Diana died. However, they had a falling-out recently, but a source said that the two brothers already mended fences and were back on track.