Prince Charles, Princess Diana
Prince Charles and Princess Diana had an encounter before a state banquet years ago. Pictured: Prince Charles, Princess Diana stand 03 November at the memorial to the British Gloster Regiment, who fought with distinction in 1951 during the Korean War, outside Seoul. Getty Images/EPA/AFP

Prince Charles reportedly found a unique way to deal with Princess Diana’s desire to leave Kensington Palace at the time she wanted.

Robert Jobson, a journalist for Daily Mail, revealed that the latter part of Prince Charles and Princess Diana’s marriage saw the former’s temper sometimes being sorely tried.

In April 1988, they were scheduled to attend a state banquet held in honor of King Olav V of Norway. Princess Diana wanted to leave Kensington Palace already, but Prince Charles refused his wife’s desire.

Ken Wharfe, Princess Diana’s former security, oversaw Princess Diana in her impatient mood. The mom of two was tutting loudly and tapping her feet. Prince Charles, on the other hand, looked extremely relaxed. The future king was aware that on state occasions, members of the royal family arrive in their destination in reverse order.

“It may sound a little absurd, but state banquets are where the business of royalty becomes very serious indeed. Diana did not quite see it like that. As far as she was concerned, a state banquet was just an irritation,” Jobson wrote in his book commemorating Prince Charles’ 70th birthday.

He said that Princess Diana asked Wharfe if she could leave the banquet early. Wharfe told the Princess of Wales that she couldn’t because Princess Anne was still stuck in traffic. This caused Princess Diana to snap at Wharfe and said, “Ken, I know all about their bloody orders… I want to go now.”

Prince Charles saw Princess Diana acting up so he approached Wharfe and asked him if they could already leave the state banquet. When the security head told him that their car is not yet next in line to leave, Prince Charles decided to gulp down a glass of martini.

The future king, who appeared to be very calm after consuming his drink, asked Princess Diana what the matter was.

“Well, Charles, there is, actually. I want to go now. I don’t want to hang around here. Why can’t we go now?” Princess Diana told her husband.

“Diana, you know the system. We have to go at the set time so that we arrive just before Her Majesty,” he explained.