Prince Charles earned a not-so-flattering nickname when he was just 4 years old. At that time, the heir to the throne proved that he has no problem seeing blood.

Decades ago, Princess Alexander wrote a letter to her brother, Prince Edward, Duke of Kent, detailing an incident that took place while she was playing the popular game called stone. She said that Martin accidentally hit her on the mouth, and she accidentally bit the blister causing it to bleed profusely.

Since it was very painful and since there was too much blood, Princess Alexandra was treated by Dr. Middleton. In the letter, she said that the physician pierced her blister.

And while this was happening, a young Prince Charles watched the gruesome procedure, and it also seemed as though he was fascinated by it. In the letter, Princess Alexandra called the dad of four a gruesome child.

But when Prince Charles got older, it became evident that he was the one who started giving cruel nicknames to some members of the royal family. He previously called Princess Anne’s first husband, Captain Mark Phillips, “Haze” since he was thick but hardly got anything going.

In the documentary “The Royal Family: Affairs and Infidelities,” royal expert Richard Kay said that Prince Charles wasn’t the only member of the British clan who didn’t treat Phillips well.

“The Royal Family itself were not frightfully kind to Mark Phillips. It was said to me that Prince Charles dedicated his brother by marriage ‘Haze’ since he was thick and thick – hardly any going on,” Kay said.

Prince Andrew and Prince Edward also called Phillips Foggy, and they made fun of his fascination for ponies.

Meanwhile, Prince Charles is also referred to as “Pa” by his sons, Prince William and Prince Harry. And when he was still having an affair with Camilla Parker Bowles, the latter referred to him as Fred. Prince Charles, on the other hand, called Camilla “Gladys.”

Prince Charles Prince Charles waves as he attends the Royal Cornwall Show on June 7, 2018 in Wadebridge, United Kingdom. Photo: Getty Images/Time Rooke