Prince Charles was very close to his grandmother, the late Queen Mother. And growing up, he has been photographed with her and her younger siblings countless times.

In an unearthed snap, a young Prince Charles looks handsome in his suit and tie. He is smiling from ear to ear while standing close to the Queen Mother. The heir to the throne’s hands is placed behind his back.

The Queen Mother is sitting on a chair in between two of her eldest grandchildren. She also has a beautiful smile on her face. The late royal is carrying Prince Andrew on her lap, and the photo was seemingly taken during Prince Andrew’s baptism.

In the snap, the Duke of York is just a few months old. He isn’t looking straight into the camera, but he also has a huge smile on her face. In fact, he is laughing while being touched by his older sister, Princess Anne.

Princess Anne is wearing a dress in the photo. Her curly hair is neatly fixed with a hair clip. She is grinning from ear to ear while staring at Prince Andrew. She is also touching her newborn baby brother’s back.

Royal fans dubbed the throwback photo as a precious picture featuring the four royals. Another person called the Queen Mother a lovely grandmother to her three grandchildren.

One royal fan also said that a young Princess Anne looks like Prince Andrew’s eldest daughter, Princess Beatrice. However, more royal fans said that a young Princess Anne resembled her only daughter, Zara Phillips.

Prince Charles and Princess Anne grew up under the care of their grandparents because Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip were always busy with their royal duties and engagements. And since Prince Charles and Princess Anne were close in age, they were quite close when they were kids.

But as they got older, their relationship changed. Especially since Prince Charles and Princess Anne had very different personalities. The heir to the throne was quite a softie, while Princess Anne was tough like the Duke of Edinburgh.

Prince Charles, Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Anne
Prince Charles, Queen Elizabeth II and Princess Anne attend the annual Braemar Highland Gathering on Sept. 1, 2018 in Braemar, Scotland. Getty Images/Jeff J Mitchell