Most members of the Royal Family are no longer considered to be young. For instance, Queen Elizabeth II is already 93 years old and Prince Charles will be turning 71 this year.

But even though these royals are already classified as seniors, they are still able to age gracefully just like their much younger relatives, Kate Middleton, and Meghan Markle.

Stuart Miles, UK’s leading aging expert and the founder of recently shared with Hello! magazine the secrets of the royals when it comes to looking much younger than their actual age.

According to Miles, the Queen manages to look youthful because of her dedication to her role as the head of the monarchy.

“She isn’t someone who obsesses about every detail of her face but yet her life is one of routine and moderation, which helps her deal with a hectic workload and the pressure of her role,” he said.

The Queen also takes good care of her health by eating properly and by not overindulging. She is also very particular about her hair and she always steps out in public looking neat and decent. And by the looks of it, Her Majesty also avoids direct exposure to sunlight.

Prince Charles, on the other hand, looks young and handsome because he always makes it a point to take some time away from his role. He also walks regularly and he spends so much time outdoors.

Middleton and Markle are very particular with their skincare regimen. The two Duchesses grew up in a generation where they were taught to look after their skin by getting regular facials and using sunblock.

“It shows they both have beautiful complexions which are dewy and youthful. Kate has reportedly taken a leaf out of her mother’s book and used rosehip oil, and Meghan often uses a primer rather than a foundation to give her a dewy look,” he said.

And out of the four royals, Miles said that it is Markle who will age most gracefully.